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2 spots are located north of Les Sables d’Olonne; they are the “Graviers” beach and the Sauveterre beach.The latter is situated about 3km north of Les Sables in the middle of the Wild Coast. It stretches its sandy shores for 5kms along the dunes protecting the Olonne forest.

The “Graviers” beach is very different as the sand banks are framed by rocks. Both spots offer an interesting range of waves due to their partly rocky, partly sandy seabeds. This offers good conditions for surfing lessons. Experienced surfers will enjoy themselves too!

The bay of Les Sables d'Olonne: on the sea front, close to the city center, facing south, it is a fallback spot. The harbor jetty breaks and smoothes the waves and most of the time creates gentle surfing conditions to begin in complete safety As it is facing south it necessitates a bigger swell to work.

It is easy to access, so surfers of all levels meet there.

Weather conditions

On the Wild Coast the spots are oriented to the west so they get all the swell, the dominant winds are onshore, coming from the north east.

The best winds, however, come from the east, north-east and south. The surfable waves range from 50cm to over 2 metres.

In Les Sables d’Olonne, the bay is oriented south and is protected by the buildings along the shore. It works best with a wind oriented from the west, north-west or north.

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Spots on the Wild Coast : This natural site of more than 4 km of uninterrupted beach is oriented west which gives it an excellent swell window With its alternating rock slabs and sand the Sauveterre beach situated north of the car park is the most easily accessible.

The beach in Les Sables d’Olonne has a very gentle slope so the waves and the currents aren’t too strong for the beginners to feel safe and confident.


Road and large car park , bike trails for sauveterre. Free buses go to the camp of Olonne-sur-Mer and the most available parking just before the forest (5 minutes by bus).

The school offers roaming on plage des Graviers and beach of Sable d'Olonne. A truck will pick you up to take you on the spot.

The school

Located in the heart of the wild coast, this beach Sauveterre Les Sables d'Olonne offers waves for the practice and teaching surfing / boogie boarding. Extended 4 km north of Les Sables d'Olonne, this coast offers a large practice space, funds are alternating slabs of rocks followed by long sandy beaches ...

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For everyone (from 6 years), individual or group lessons, all surfers are welcome, from beginner surfer who wants to improve. These are group classes 1:30 (1 hour for small), where you will be 8…

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We offer a wide range of surf and boogie boards for different levels and wetsuits of all sizes and adapted to seasonal temperatures, available for hire from 1 hour until…

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